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Thermal goodness

08. 05. 2011 | by RepRap 3D tisk

I managed to get some thermal images of printing RepRap, thanks to David Kuboš.

Here you can see my Prusa Mendel printing Buddha. Notice the last line is really hot. But notice the heat coming from inside object? Its from heatbed.

Another nice picture. Line seems almost same hot as the insulated heater. Also look that object is same hot as heatbed.

Pretty cool overlay. Temperature trashold was set to 50°C I would say.

1/4 of heatbed is visible here, you can see that in temperature in corner is about 10°C lower then in center 🙂 Temps are not precise, since the heatbed doesn’t have right coating for precise measurements, but the relative difference should remain same.

Printing with real image overlay.

Heat coming from bottom. Printer is doing perimeter in the red pointer it has 133°, while the rest of object is 75°C.

I want to thank again David Kuboš for his time at Prague For Industry fair.
If you need thermal cameras and you are from Czech Republic, you can find David at

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