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Felt branch is a big surprise

08. 06. 2011 | by RepRap 3D tisk

So, if you are wondering whats new in Prusa printer development, I’ll answer some of your questions today. And maybe even bust some myths 😉 First I want to show you results!

(Darker blue is print from Dimension uPrint, Lighter blue is print from Prusa with felt bushings)

Most of the development is done lately in felt branch on my github, which started as idea to remove need of the PLA bushings and replace them with easier to get stuff. After all it ended up much better then I thought.

New bushing look.

It’s printable directly on the carriage! No glueing needed, you just need to print all x-ends and x-carriage in same direction.

Another amazing thing is, that it can be used with more materials then just felt! Which I found pretty amazing!

In the same printed object you can use:
– felt (100bushings for $5 if you use best felt)
– brass tube (80bushings for $9)
– pla bushings (one prints in about 30seconds :-D)
– igus bushings (as Shapercube use, its pretty expensive because of matching rods)
– sku bushings (steel with teflon inside. expensive because of rods $50full set incl rods)

All of this stuff remains snap in! So you can remove your carriage without disassembling half of printer.

During the big demand I will incorporate the possibility to use linear bearings too, but it will be few days after this release. And it’s not going to be the main stuff. Simply because it’s not better and sourcing is harder and pricier.
ETA to merging it to master branch is about two weeks. Catching last bugs out. And also, from this point, every commit will have its own ThingDOC documentation, which is under huge development during moving documentation to the files!

ThingDOC is now Ready for its prime time!


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